Китайская лингвистика и синология
Chinese Linguistics and Sinology


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VIDEO Dear participants and guests of the conference! If for some reason you would not want to see your photo or video on our website, write to us, please, we will remove it.

Accommodation for participants

Dear conference participants, it is possible to stay in the hostel of the RSUH at the address: Miusskaya Square, Building 6, Building 4. Available only double rooms with private facilities. The cost of living 2003 rubles per person per day. Limited number of seats. The hostel is located on the campus. If you want to […]

Event annotation

The First International Conference “Chinese Linguistics and Sinology” (CLS), organized jointly by the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian State University for the Humanities and the Association for the Advancement of Sinology will be held on October 3-5, 2019 at the RSUH (Moscow). The conference covers a wide range of topics related to the theoretical […]